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Howdy, I will be putting up some completed pictures soon,(I hope) David, this has a headstock that accepts 8mm collets which turns one direction


a tail-stock with a semicircular notched workpiece support disk made out of tungsten carbide steel


and a rocker arm that you manually lower with a tungsten carbide polishing disk that turns in the opposite direction of the tail-stock to polish the pivot
. there were also ceramic cutting wheels that were available. with a tail-stock adjustment vertically of .0004″ per division on the graduated scale, lower the rocker arm and apply the spinning tungsten carbide disk onto the spinning workpiece which grinds? mills? cuts? the pivot to size, micro polishes and burnishes? your pivots. there is a pump that operates mechanically as the machine is running, a hose comes up from the base and thru the shield applying fluid and onto the cutting/ polishing wheel. I really dont think it is critical as to finding the exact type of fluid, anything that would be comparable to the recommended for hard steel, I may be wrong about that. David as I was writing this I saw your post about trial and error for the fluid, I looked for the specific types the manual recommends and so far have come up empty handed, it is interesting though that the manual has neatsfoot oil printed in there. William