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david pierce
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My first recommendation for your drill chucks would be a 1/2″ or 3/8″ capacity Jacobs Ball Bearing key type chuck. This is the best holding and most accurate key chuck I have found. For smaller drill bits I would recommend a Super Number 30 (0-1/8 capacity) Albrecht keyless chuck. These chucks are expensive but they are well made and get the job done. If you want to go to a less expensive alternitive there is a knockoff of the Jacobs Ball Bearing Chuck called a KING that is almost as good and cost less money. There are also knockoffs of the Albrecht such as CHUMPOWER that are pretty good chucks.
Years ago I used to design circuits and ran into heat problems with the cabinets. The conventional wisdom was to mount the exhaust fan on the upper side of the cabinet but I found that there was too much residual heat in the cabinets which caused components to fail. I solved the problem by mounting the fans on the top of the cabinets and put the vent filters at the bottom in line with the exhaust fans. My rationale was to use the heat to help remove itself and prevent the fan from fighting against the rising hot air. Putting the fans on top of the cabinet as opposed to the bottom helped channel the air flow. After doing this the component failure rate due to overheating was reduced to zero. A second advantage was preventing debris from falling into the moving fans and then blowing them around the inside of the cabinets.