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chris mabbott
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Neeeext UP the motor…. There isn’t a lot of room for anything other than this heavy little sucker, I was up on a ladder messing around with this as the top of the mill now stands over 2 meters or 6ft something. I had to feed and manipulate the cables through the gland with one hand, hold the motor with the other hand, then use my other hand to make sure the electronic wires didn’t get caught, yes, that’s three hands 😆

With the electronic wires now safely out of the way, it was easier. from the bottom shot you can see how everything is kinda jumbled up inside, not a very good design electrically and I’m not keen on those two radical cable bends, and really, there should be a fan blowing up on that motor which I’m sure will get hot. I may even install one if it is an issue, as there is a vented cover that bolts underneath.. I know, bitch bitch bitch 🙄

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