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chris mabbott
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With the new bearings, the removal of all the debris and sand, a good cleaning and thread chasing, proper lube etc, it’s a smooth a my head 😆

I actually installed the head/spindle/handwheel but didn’t take a shot yet, so I tried it under some weight, still smooth. Before the touch up, it was stiff and rough.

One thing I am thinking about is… You can see the small open “chamber” below the gear, the hand wheel gear sits just below the halfway mark.
I’m toying with the idea to fill this cavity, half way, with some heavy gear oil which will come half way up on the wheel gear. As this is such a hard place to access, you have to disassemble the electrical cabinet, remove the cabinet, then remove another cover in order to add lube in the future…
Because of the close mesh of the gears, eventually , even now, the grease will get squeezed out and just sit outside doing nothing. With an oil bath, the gear will be submerged, half way, in gear oil, always picking up lube then it will drip back into the reservoir. That should be good for many years as it is slow moving, it shouldn’t cause a mess etc… Still on the thinking stage..

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