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chris mabbott
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So by the time I cleaned up these parts and re-threaded the block back in place, it had been yet another 5 hours.
With the cleaning, wire wheel treatment, touching up some of the damaged threads, followed by a grease job, the threaded block flew back on and with a good spin, it got almost four complete turns on its own 😆 Way better than when it came off, I had to fight a little with it.

So to end the day I cleaned the paint from the micrometer mounting flange. Funny thing, they had put tape over the hole to protect it from paint, then painted over the tape. Instead of removing the tape, they just mounted the micrometer flange over the top of the paint and tape 😆 So that added about 20 thou thickness, HUH.
Here’s a before and after…

Hopefully I’ll have some more time tomorrow to continue. I’m also thinking about changing the cheap sealed roller bearing atop the shaft, it almost feels rough to turn, and looks quite cheap.