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chris mabbott
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Next I tackled the Z screw assembly, they have a kinda odd setup to hold the grub screws in place. They aren’t the usual allen head grub screws but slotted screw. There is a ridge machined into the gear flange which the screw slots are supposed to line up with. Then they wrap a wire around the whole deal, feeding it across the screw slot, then twist tie it.
A little crude, so I wonder if there were problems on the previous models, and this is their answer to that prob? I might just change them for the allen head type, sharpen the ends and locktite them in place? They’ve drilled two holes into the shaft to prevent slipping and for the screws to bite in to.

At first I thought that they’d painted the gear black, but I was happy to see that it is a black oxide finish and tough to come off as I wire brushed it after degreasing. A nice touch to prevent rust in a seldom accessed area. I’m sure I wont touch this again, hopefully for a few years :)