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chris mabbott

    Just a little update so you don’t think that I’m making puppies and not working 😆

    Today I repaired the slight damage to the Z axis top mounting block taper pins. If you remember I had a +%#** time removing the whole assembly.
    Well, the reason was that the two top pins had been hammered in so tight that love nor prayer could remove them. So I basically had to pull the block off the large end of the taper, I know 👿

    So the pins were stuck inside, I tried heat around the area…NADA. So I cut off the bent part of one, and then I ground them down in place. I think they used hardened steel pins because my grinding wheel wouldn’t touch them. I had to use a carbide grinding bit. So the block now fits over the pins with just a slight tap, enough.
    I also cleaned up the lower pins which came out ok, you can see them sitting on the cross support..