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chris mabbott
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Thanks Ed & Paul
, it might be a while but i’m pretty horned to get it setup correctly first, even though I was tempted to just plug it in and go..

I’ve made good progress today and I’m about 95% disassembled. The big problem I faced today was on the Z-axis screw. The bearing blocks are secured by two allen head cap bolts, but they are also positioned by two dowel pins which were…. to be nice. Unreasonably tight 👿
This combined with the fact that they were sunk inside the column and I could not get a pry bar or wedge inside very well. Ultimately I slight bent one of the dowels which really were a SOB and waay to tight. I’m going to reduce their diameter a little before I replace the bearing blocks..

I won’t post all the photos so I’ll start with my first indication that made me happy that I took this thing apart.. I’ve already removed the DRO and head electronics.

The spindle feed shaft was completely bereft of any lubrication, but it did have particulates 😮 as you can see in these pics..