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chris mabbott
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Argh, you guy are cold razzing me like that 😆

OK, after much debate, I decided to go ahead and disassemble the whole kit and kaboodle, so as of right now, 2 am my time, I’m about 50% done, after about 4 hrs, so not too shabby..

I’m glad I went ahead and pushed the button, I’ll say one thing to you guys that have similar Chinese machines, there is no proper lube on ANYTHING.

If you are running it, it’s just functioning on assembly gunk and whatever they use to rust proof it, which was actually running everywhere, even inside the electronics. I know that the spindle bearings are the same, so it will only be a matter of time before they would show problems. Trust me, they do not have grease, only gunk.
I found a number of issues that I’ll have to modify now that it’s apart. One that concerned me was the cabling for the HUD package, the cables were touching on the feed spindle, so again, after a time, there would be problems because they aren’t tied back and would just rub on the feed shaft.

Everything I removed was either very dirty, a bit rusty, had a gritty substance on it, or simply dry, no lube. I think the grit was either casting debris or coarse dust particles. I could actually feel it when I turned certain levers, and this is what prompted me to strip it down.

The build is good though and I cannot fault the machined parts or the assembly, everything fits tight as it’s supposed to. Inside the housings is pretty rough, but I’ve seen that also on high end turret mills, also on some of the German “finished” Chinese mills that have been posted on the web.
In fact, William, yes you did send me the link to that very interesting site where the guy had bearing problems with a German/Chinese mill, that was the same thing.

So I’ll post pics tomorrow as it will take me a while to resize them and I took LOTS for memory sake.
It’s gonna take me a while to polish everything, even the shaft housings are kinda rough and need to be sanded finely and polished. The worm gear for the fine feed was very dirty with chunks of paint, grit and rust, that’s why I could feel it wasn’t smooth…
I also have about 9 thou of backlash happening on the feeds, so I’ll have to take care of that too.

Anyway, nothing too serious that a bit of spit, polish & grease won’t correct. But I would strongly advise anyone who has not serviced their mill, to seriously consider it.It will only improve the performance and make it last longer..

David – I did purchase quite a few accessories with the mill, a full 10 piece set of collets, a good selection of end mills, vice, saw, boring bars and attachments, fly cutters, drills, clamping set, and other stuff I can’t think of at this moment :?
I also had an electrician over today to install a 4 block of heavy duty receptacles with a surge protector and breaker.

It was a good day because I FINALLY FOUND A MACHINE TOOL PLACE :D They had a lot of stuff at a reasonable price so when I’m up and running, ill order some two flute end mills and a rotary table from them as they deal with that German company, Quantum. In fact they had one of their little modellers lathes on show, pretty nice rig..
So I found my wheels for the bench, and Wednesday I have a welder coming over, so possibly by the end of next week there will be some rotary action going on.

Stay tuned for photo…..laa taa..

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