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chris mabbott
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William, the lobsters are my Canadian brothers 😆 The Mediterranean is a tad too warm for them… BUT we do have those REALLY large red shrimps called caribineros.

I already have the bench, it’s one of those very sturdy stainless steel ones from an industrial type kitchen, it has shelves and the SS square tubing legs, I just need to make supports to attach the coasters to. I want them to extend a little wider than the table profile for added stability.

It’s a relatively simple addition, but not here, where everything is complicated 👿 You know the kind I mean, I had the same wheels on a Snap-on tool box I had, one of those big shop models, that must have weighed about 1200lbs full. Two of the wheels will rotate and have locks, the other two will be fixed. Basically all I need is 3/8 angle with flat plates for the wheels to bolt onto then weld it to the legs..

Let me see if I have a pic of the bench