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chris mabbott
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Hey William, you know you’re always welcome, just hop on a flight and come on down, or is it up?

Well, it will be a while, I’m still looking for my industrial ball bearing castors to mount on the bench, I want it to be somewhat mobile as I believe that in the near future I will be moving things around. Then I have to find a decent welder to build me the supports and weld it up, which I could do myself if I had the equipment. I also want the table to be higher up so I’m not bending over like a dog doing naughty thing to a football 😆
At my tender age I have to be gracious to the back, knees, neck etc you’ll understand in a few more years my friend as you’re a strong young fella at this time ;)

Probably my first attempt will be to make a new tailstock lock for the Marshall spindle, from there the road is wide open :P

I also have to make a mount to hold a vacuum nozzle, there will be some classic tooling I want to make. I also have a few movements that need drilling, broken screws etc. I’m sure that watching you guys will provide plenty of inspiration, I mean, until I joined this forum and was corrupted with all these great ideas, a mill wasn’t even on my wish list 😆