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bernie weishapl
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Hey William how are ya? At this point I will take ideas. I did notice today while watching the time train that the pallet fork was bouncing around a little bit so decided I would bush the escape wheel pivots front and back along with the pallet arbor. When the pallet forks were bouncing around I noticed that the guard pin was touching the roller at times. This in turn was causing the impulse pins to be slightly out of alignment with the fork. So that would cause a loss of power. I also put the old mainspring back in. Tomorrow morning I will reassemble it and see how it goes. Also William I have no idea if the mainspring is original but I am guessing it is not. I have just not seen a 350 style movement with a .019″ strength mainspring in one. Hoping the old spring will work ok. The new mainspring seems to fill the barrel quite full. I know after 5 days of running that it only winds about 6 to 7 turns which I think a 350 winds at least 12 or so turns. Interesting clock to say the least but will maybe set it aside if it still doesn’t run correctly. Then go back to it at a later date but hoping it will take off nicely tomorrow. :mrgreen:

So for all of you new clockmakers even us old 30 yr vets get our rear end kicked every now and then. 😆 This clock has been apart 4 times. Just one of those things that even the littlest thing can be missed but can also create big problems. I would have replaced it because the same new version would have been a 350-060 but would have to reverse the chime rod assembly and also have to reverse the chime rods.