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Hey Bernie, If like you said it is running for 5 + days without fault then I like the idea of trying the old mainspring first, if that does as good or better it could be that 1 1/4 in more mainspring is just enough to crowd it, in any case I would check that first. Do you have any info of the original mainspring size, meaning that it could be the wrong one someone put in at one point or another before you got it. I recently battled a desk clock and thought I had the right size mainspring only because of the one I took out….long story short it was .08mm or so too week, right one in and WHALLA all my problems solved….. 019″ does sound like a pretty thick mainspring though for that but I am not sure, if you have a longer thinner mainspring in stock it may be worth trying that. sorry for the scatter brain but writing as I think, (no wonderI get so tired 🙄 ) William