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bernie weishapl
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Well back to my problem child the Welby clock. I have had this clock apart 3 times now. It has a hairspring balance wheel old style not the floating balance style. It runs about 5 1/2 days and quits. I remeasured the mainspring that came out of the unit. It was 45/64″ X .019″ X 45 3/4″. I replaced the time spring with a 45/64″ X .019″ X 47″. I have double checked all pivots under magnification and they look good. I have cleaned and pegged the holes several times. Installed bushings where needed. Doubled checked with my depthing tool to make sure I didn’t screw up there and have a problem. I am just frustrated and out of idea’s. I wanted to replace it but they said no they wanted to keep grandma’s clock intact. I may go out and put the old mainspring back in and see how it goes. That was one suggestion I had from a friend of mine.

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