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Welcome to the insanity !
Crawling around on your hands and knees for hours is what someone else called “assuming the Swiss position”( I think it was a Timezone instructor ! ).and I use it every chance I get ( the saying ).
Buy yourself a 2-row magnet about 12+ inches long. You can find them cheap. Put it on an old broom handle and you will find all sorts of items much easier !

Like those before me said here,really read / watch a lot of material on staff removal. I advocate buying old messed up balances to play with on your lathe and staking set prior to actually removing one that you want to still use when you are finished !!!
Chris is right about being able to remove them with the proper setup on a staking set,.but there are some staffs that have such a hard hub that you do risk tearing the hole in the balance arm. Those are more safely removed by cutting the hub on your lathe first, then punching them out.
Watch and read about them, and you’ll see what I talking about