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chris mabbott
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Hey Nic, sounds like you’re well on your way and have passed the first year “rookie” stage :)

The video David recommends is probably your best bet as it’s more professional, that guy is very good although he has a lot of special tools that normal humans would suffer to purchase, even used 😮

I suggested the Bunn because personally, I found him inspiring, which is what I needed at the time, I was banging my head constantly while F**ing up a lot. I was ready a few times to just huff everything in the garbage. One evening I stumbled on to Bunns channel, he made me laugh because like me, he was making a lot of mistakes, and saying things like Damn, god damn it etc. .. I could see the mistakes he was making, the same ones that I was committing, I noticed how he rectified his errors and got the job done, with very basic tools.
Through this, I found my own inspiration to keep at it, I formulated my own methods from his mistakes. You know how it is, if you’re doing something blindly, you have no guru or zero guidance, you get frustrated, BUT if you watch someone else, who is either the same level, or slightly higher, you think, and watch, and eventually you say, Hmm, he’s doing that wrong, I would do it this way…. and there you go, you’ve formulated your very own first technique.

Anyway, that was the inspiration I found in watching Bunns vids, and for the rookie, or novice, that inspiration is needed, a lot.

I used to work with a guy years ago, I was his apprentice, this guy had 35 yrs experience in maintenance, engineering, construction, name it.
He used to just let me go, and I would say….. what if I something up or make a poor decision ? He said that’s how you learn, by doing it the wrong way, you learn the right way, because there is no light without dark, Is that star wars 😆

One thing I will strongly recommend is that you purchase the Chicago school of watchmaking text book, you can get it from a publisher called Lulu, online. If you search the forum for Lulu, I think there is a link from Tom..