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Sorry for the delayed response Tom, I was away over the weekend..

There is only one way to push out a rubbed in jewel, and if you look closely at both sides, only one of them has the lip. So you push from the opposite side to the lip, so that the slight pressure of the jewel being pressed out, opens that lip.

I think you have a Seitz set, what I do is…. I set up for the push, choose the stump with a hole that is large enough for the old jewel to fall through, but that is small enough to catch the outer edge of the setting.
Choose a flat pusher of the correct diameter, it doesn’t have to be accurate, even a tad smaller is fine.
With the palm of your hand, push gently down on the lever. Use the micrometer to lower the spindle/pusher so that it just touches the jewel, I hold the setting with my tweezers and gently wiggle it until it touches.
With the palm of your hand still pressing down on the lever, gently turn the micrometer until you hear the jewel go POP, or CRUNCH LOL

If it’s badly shattered already, chances are that even if you rub it out, it will come out in bits anyway.

Make sure that once it’s out, that you use a small brush dipped in naphtha to clean inside the groove, the use a toothpick to gently scrape any shards of broken jewel away, then brush it again.

You can use a pin vice to hold the setting and then slightly open it, just a hair. In fact what I sometimes do is NOT open it until I find a jewel that is close diametrically. Which is a challenge because all of the jewels I have are mixed up 😯 But I have my method down packed now so I can zip through PDQ.

Don’t forget to measure the thickness of the old jewel before you push it out. You have to also take into consideration that the old jewel may be the flat, straight hole type. I usually replace these with convex olive hole jewels which are much better, especially for the balance..

As a disclaimer, for anyone reading this, THIS IS NOT THE APPROVED METHOD This is the way I choose that is easy for me, mainly because of lack of info on the WWW, I had to help me, help me 😆
I’m sure if I posted this on NAWCC that I would be shipped off to Switzerland, stripped naked, hung up by my thumbs and have my buttocks whipped with dry twigs, Hang on, maybe I will post this 😆

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