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Here is the NOS dial that I had for this watch, this is the original style for this model, well, one of them, as there are three types, all Roman numerals, two of which are actually double sunk, this one just has the illusionary double sunk black circle, still, it was choice. I suppose a person could have chosen any of the available dials but IMHO these may have, or may not have, been the dial originally intended for these movements by the designer? Who knows, but they sure suit them, and this one is a huge improvement over the POS paper replacement dial that was on it, from the 20’s probably.
The dial next to it is the other actual DS from a sister movement that I have to work on.

I managed to find a NOS set of blued morning glory hands which I’m waiting to arrive, impatiently as always :geek:

You’ll notice that I’ve since installed the cool looking index plate SLASH micrometric adjuster, now highly polished to reflect every possible facet, of light.
I’m far from finished as now I have to repair the MS I messed up, set the timing, do positional checks, which i perform over the course of days. Then the fun part, the real world carry test :-)

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