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bernie weishapl
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You can buy brass spring wire and remake them. I have found on many of the movements I work on when I reassemble them the wire has a tendency to break. I have several sizes that I keep in stock. If the wire breaks when try to assemble it, it gets replaced. Mahlon hit the nail on the head. These spring wires are to make the arms snap back into place and holds them there. One thing you want to keep in mind those springs just need to be tightened enough to make the arm go down. If you make it to tight like I did on the very first movement I worked on it will stop the clock or it won’t strike depending on which wire you get to tight. :D Here are some I keep in stock. Scroll down to the brass spring wire which they carry in 22 ga to 28 ga. I keep one of each.

Ronell’s, Merritts, R & M Imports, etc has it also. Timesavers just has a bigger selection.