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You are absolutely right about the dangers involved in these powerful machines. I have been blessed through out my career. I still have all the parts the good Lord gave me. I believe that the danger is not so much in the machine as it is in the lax of safety practices. I always hated to train apprentices simply because of the importance of good safety habits. The table saw becomes the most dangers because the first thing a seasoned carpenter does is to do away with the pinch guard and chip shield, simply because a board being ripped always bind and cause a burn on the edge and the chip guard restricts line of sight. As you can guess my saws has none of the above. I have had wood come out of the wood lathe enough times that, I am leery when it comes to the metal lathe. I am trying real hard to develop good habits with it. I worked in a machine shop for a while years ago, and saw a guy catch his hair in a lathe(not a pretty site), I make sure I have a hat on when I am turning 😆 Mahlon

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