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Hey pclfal62, check to see that you are putting the mainspring on the right way, I once tried and tried to get it to catch then I realized I had it on wrong 🙄 lesson learned right? If you have a mainspring in a clamp you can grasp the mainspring with your hand and control the release while taking the clamp off, 😯 USE CAUTION 😯 , 😯 USE GLOVES 😯 , :geek: EYE PROTECTION :ugeek: , make sure you are comfortable doing it before doing it. some guys will use a heavy cloth or leather to wrap around it first so if you do slip it will be captured and not harm you. If it is a larger mainspring I would not do this as it could take alot of strength to control the release. By all means be careful, getting a mainspring in the face wont be fun, even a small one, always be aware of where your head and fingers are thinking of a potential break when dealing with these. Have fun, William
P.S. good idea to practice and great job on your first disassemble/reassembly, congrats!!!! ;)