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chris mabbott
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William this is the first time I’m going to disagree with mr David, but, IMHO the best thing you could do is pack it up and send it to me 😆

Seriously, you’re stepping up the voltage, which is always a little more complicated than decreasing, with more chance of frying something.

But, if I were you, in this case, I would toss originality out the window and go for functionality. What I would do is to look for a motor rebuild shop that could convert the electronics to household single phase but leave the motor frame as is. I can’t remember if the rotor/stator is matched to voltage on these motors, but I think they can be re-wired without to much huff. By the time you buy a transformer, set it up, it will possibly have cost the same, and that transformer will run very hot.

Whatever you decide, remember that there is more involved than simply buying a tranny as these parts are designed for a certain electrical flow rate which is NOT constant with a transformer, unless you buy a VERY expensive digitally controlled compensated unit that can maintain the requirements without fluctuation.

Just my two bits. But hey, nice rig, can’t wait to see it work. Please don’t tell me that you got it for $25 and the guy paid shipping 😆

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