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Hey Tom, good start on the “silly” experiment :D , very interesting, was that just laying them on there or pressed in? if pressed in what kind of pressure did you use?
I would want to know a few more things about these materials.
1. which one cleans better?
2. which one leaves the least amount of film or residue?
3. which one is the easiest to handle?
4. cost comparison
If you have some old movements try each material on a separate area, smudge up the plates or polished parts with pizza and Cheetos fingers, another thing is how do they remove oil and grit on parts and tools like after sharpening a graver, or a dirty pivot, ect…..and maybe test different intervals of cleaning time and the results for each interval. I think you have a microscope, get a good close-up look at it all. appears your having some fun ;) , William

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