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Hey Guys, thought I would chime in on this. I think a clockmakers worst critic is another clockmaker. When I work on a clock it is always in the back of my mind, if anybody else who knew about repairing clocks and looked at what I have done, what will he see and be able to criticize? I suppose that is my way of quality control and driving myself to another level even though it could be classed as some kind of psychological issue I have, it does drive me to do a better job than before.
@Bernie Weishapl wrote:

made a awful lot of money off those two

And so it is true here also, as clock repairmen techniques in this area have only gone so far in ability. alot of clocks coming in are from poor past repair. probably from a lack of know how I feel these guys have gotten caught up in “being the clock guy” and at some point decided not to take the next step in learning. I wonder how frustrating it has been for them under pressure trying to get a clock running but not really understanding what is going on? (I do have a idea)
@Arutha wrote:

but if you want to put bread on the table you have to take it

It can also be a opportunity to hone the skills, and work is work regardless of the previous repair treatment. I recently had a customer bring in a clock that they had been given some time ago. they really wanted it up and running in remembrance of who the received it from, It is a Montgomery Wards 30 day wall clock, Japanese? Korean? movement. these types of movements are not the best in the world and can be frustrating to work on. They had taken it to a clock repair shop in the major city nearby, I assume the repair shop didnt want to waste their time on it so they said it would cost $3000.00 to work on it. I suppose they just didnt want to do the job. The customer was thinking about it until they found out I was here. the only thing wrong with it was the crutch was bent way out. I set it up and it has been running for a week now. so what becomes more important? whether I want to do the job or not, or the happy customer with fond memories of a past relationship?

Me? personally, I dont want to hold my head up too high, I have made some dumb mistakes and have alot to learn yet and hope to continue in a upward curve of skill and knowledge (oooohhhh so much to learn). If I determine that I have arrived then I have one foot dangling over the edge and the other on a slippery slope, having put up a dividing wall between where I am and where I can go.

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