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I have been getting some awful clocks in recently Bernie but if you want to put bread on the table you have to take it. Just this morning I have been out to a new customer who recently had a striking mantle clock and a cylinder carriage clock serviced by the guy who is “The” clockmaker in the town. He is getting on and if his work is anything to go by I am suprised he has been doing it for as long as he has. When I wounld the clocks it felt like he had replaced the mainsprings with barbed wire and thrown in some gravel for good measure, he has been out to visit both the clocks since he serviced them as they both had faults and the bushing I can see on the back of the carriage clock is uglier than an ugly thing that is extremely ugly. The carriage clock keeps stopping and you can hear the cylinder miss a beat every now and again. I was very suprised by the quality(or should I say lack of it) of his work but until I came along he didn’t have any competition. Word is getting around about me and I do get a fair amount of enquiries but until I am bogged down with quality clocks i will take the junk and still do it to the best of my ability.