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Hey Bernie, first of all good job on fixing the issue ;) What I have found is dealing with the quartz clocks is they are more time consuming than a mechanical clock, but thats just me and my tiny brain 🙄 . Also not sure how guys out there charge but I like to give a estimate or quote and make sure I emphasize plus parts.. Today I went out to pick up a late 1800s German grandfather clock movement, the gentleman’s son was there and who said he had taken a clock into another repair shop 80 some miles from here. I asked him if he would tell me what his expected range of cost would be and his response was, “I dont know” Not sure I would trust a repair shop of any sort to charge me whatever they decide. I dont mind once in awhile to let something slide as far as time and accomplishing the task (it can be good P.R.) BUT I have to be alright with it. What I dont like is when someone is purposely trying to take advantage of me, which has happened and it was my fault for letting it happen. I am sure, and I say this from experience, that if you mentioned it to him and discussed it you would both be happy in the end, you get a little for your time and he gets back his clock sooner than later with nicely soldered wires. We know who should shoulder the cost, that is the cheapo manufacturing plant that doesnt practice quality control. Sorry, I am a bit miffed about customer service right now, In the area a brand new Menard’s is up and running, I never felt so much like herded cattle before in my life, shuffling thru the line with no face to face contact with any human being, the checkout lady had her back to me as I trudged thru the cattle herding corridor, product is slide thru the reader and conveyor belted down the line waiting there for me to pay and bag up myself, zero interaction with a checkout person, so when I forced the the issue with my smiley face I got a snappy rude reaction like I was a cow who had made a pile in the wrong spot. If thats how they are going to conduct business then I have no problem in saying that I will never go there again…… long story short, we have the opportunity to give good service and sometimes go over the top without worrying about the dollar ;) keeping in mind that this is our living. personal, honest, upfront and serving I think is good business….. William
P.S. I will send all the quartz clock to you Bernie 😆

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