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chris mabbott
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Hey Peggy,

I’m away and looking at this on a mobile so I can’t see the pics too good, but if you check out some of the posts on the forum you can see some disassembled PWs and how the gears line up.

I know I have a bad memory and sometimes I wait months for parts, so I always take step by step pics, they also help if there is an issue after reassembly, I can go back and triple check without pulling everything apart.

Full plates can be a challenge but on American PWs, I usually put them back together top plate first because its easier to line up the pallet fork in its recess.

It’s very, very tricky and delicate work to sandwich the two plates together, keep the tiny gears from wobbling and falling out, while trying to line up the micro pivots in the jewel holes without snapping them off LOL
Once you find a technique, it’s easy….er ;-)

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