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steve fornelius
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You all have identified the reasons I wanted to do this. To show off the innards of the clock, to show what problems look like, to have a wall mounted clock, similar to the Howard Miller lucite clocks. I like those clocks, but the movements are certainly not showpieces because they’re just off the shelf, unpolished movements. I have several customers with these – with rods, 5 tube and 9 tube – and the only problem I can see is making a nice dial because I’d have to farm out the work. The dials are something like 18 or 20 inches. Just another project to do after I get done with my sprocket and chain clock.

Re: stainless steel car bodies – my Reserve time included several trips to the Philippines. They make some jeepneys out of stainless tread plate and leave them high polished. Interesting looking but not a fun to see as the Chevrolet engine driving an overhead belt system for their machine tools making copies of M-16s.