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bernie weishapl
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I generally advise customers not to refinish a case and I would say all of them probably will never be set in the sun so I really never worried about it. I have one project coming up that I am going to strip the case and redo it. I bought it at the local thrift shop. It is all there but it is also in several pieces. The lacquer I use is from Target Coatings and is their EM 6000. It is a water based finish and is the only water based lacquer that will burn into the old layer like Deft lacquer, etc. I only lightly sand the first coat becauses it raises the grain. Other than that when it is finished I can’t tell the difference. I also use their EM 9000 poly. Anyway going to give it a go. Oh I spray water based finishes because of the smell and I also spray with a airbrush gun which does a excellent job. I bought one that sprays the same pattern as the big boy sprayers. Thanks for the info.

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