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Hey Peggy, those are press fit onto the arbors, I believe it is essential to learn how to take these pieces off and put back on properly because in my experience if there is any wear it is usually on the wheel that carries the gathering pallet, on Westminster chime clocks the most wear is usually under the chime cam and the chime lock wheel. for the gathering pallet I use paint can openers with a thin piece of wood underneath so as not to mar the brass plate, I had thinned them in thickness so as to get under things, using even pressure on opposite sides carefully prying it off the arbor, be careful not to bend or break the arbor. For the 1/2 hour cam and motion works pinion I made a tool that will pull this off, they are sold on ebay for $100 and called cannon pinion/ star cam puller, they can be buggers to get off and when putting them back on you have to make sure they are on far enough otherwise the minute hand will bind on the cannon tube, but not too far on or it will bind against the plates. GOOD thing you have a practice movement, If I can suggest something, use this one for practice in completely taking apart and setting up again, do it several times over successfully, read and re-read the book you have on rack and snail chime systems, then invest your hard earned money into a complete clock that needs some attention, youll be skilled enough and far ahead of the crowd in repair technique to tackle it…..this one can be used for parts if needed, just some thoughts for you, have fun, William