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Bob Tascione
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Welcome to the forum Brian!
You may be able to find a pallet at one of the watch supply houses. You would probably need to give them a caliber number. On larger Omega movements you will often find the calibre number on the balance cock or somewhere on the pillar plate. Look for something like the Omega insignia with a low count number like ‘170’ or some other number under it. I have an Omega movement book here with a ton of movement pics so if you can’t find the number and you have a camera then feel free to put a pic of the movement up here and I will try to identify it for you. If you have the dial off then please also take a pic of the dial side showing the setting mechanism. Also smaller Omega movements sometimes stamp the caliber number on one of the bridges.
Note: If you haven’t pulled the movement apart yet there is a very good chance that you will find the missing jewel floating around in the movement somewhere.

Enjoy and again Welcome!

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