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I suspect you have a combination of issues working against you. First I suspect your tool is without proper side and back rake. Go to YouTube and search for “tubalcain tool bit grinding” and you will find a great tutorial on proper tool geometry. the geometry for brass and steel are very different. Brass cuts best with negative rake,almost scraping, and steel cuts best with positive rake. Second, your bit may not be right on center and this is very important especially with small diameter turning. Another personal observation is that soft steel of small diameter is difficult to turn because it tends to bend. Make sure you have not let down the temper of the blue steel.
Last,but not least,make sure you are starting with a very sharp HSS bit. Dullness is a progressive problem and takes off quite fast. As soon as your bit gets the least bit dull, you needs to sharpen it. If you are a woodworker, I am sure you have the skills to keep tools sharp.

Keep playing and adjusting tool bit angles until you get comfortable with it all.


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