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@mahlon wrote:

I have question about the adjustment of the cross slide. When I set it up to where it moves freely, it seems to be pushed back the opposite direction when trying to face. If I tighten it up, it’s hard to move. I found a set instruction book on line and down loaded it. Am I missing or just not understanding the set up. How tight should I set it. Mahlon

Do you mean adjusting the gib screws with tightening up? I set those screws such that it just moves freely but does not have any play in it. I then use the litlle screw on the back side of the cross slide to fix it in place when facing of (or milling). Hope this helps.

I will take some pictures of the clamps I use to fix the compound slide. You are right, small cuts are a must but even then I prefer to fix the compound slide.


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