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Hey Mahlon, does this hook up to the computer? can you take a picture of the microscope? Yes…moisture, even breathing on things will put moisture there, I practice not to blow particles off of something using my breath, either use a hand blower or wipe stuff away.
Also like Chris has said the closer you look the more you see, it can be a struggle of never being satisfied with how clean, or perfect any part really is, if you microscopically look at a clock pivot there always seems to be a blemish, you could end up grinding away the whole thing before it is satisfactory.
Chris, I am sure if we put your head under magnification we could find one or 2 hairs, but your commitment to perfection is inspiring, I think it will be a couple of years and I will be at your level even without any effort, as my grandfathers bumper sticker read, “bald is beautiful” I may not have a choice in the matter. William

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