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Howdy guys and gals, thanks for the uplifting replies, I am POSITIVE yall would be able to make one even nicer than this, I am a rookie when it comes to using the metal lathe and vertical mill but these types of projects really help in getting used to the machinery, no tight tolerances or accurate measurements just plain ol creativity,
Bernie, the exact reason I made one out of aluminum was because it will stay in place and mark positions without moving around on me.

Ed, the knurled edge is just because I wanted to try out the knurling tool on the lathe. Keep at it and soon we will be sending you things to make and fix.

Paul, good idea, I was thinking about a thinner style and a different way of pointing out the angles or positions, possibly using something like a couple of 400 day clock hands? when you make yours please post your ideas and I will buy the ones you make, I will probably have to use my 80% off card though.

Mahlon, the knowledge and experience come from just doing it, I learned alot as I went though the process. be creative, if mistakes are made then you have just learned what not to do when it really counts.

Bob, thanks for your kind words, obviously it is amateur but I know it is part of the process, hopefully I can motivate creativity and get some guys to post their project ideas. not only helping out others but it will also help me.

Hope yall have a fantabulous day