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The movement came apart ok, some of the pivots were a bit tight coming out of the plates because of the solidified dirt that had collected on the ends of them. The mainspring was the cleanest thing in the movement, a quick stretch out and clean with scotchbrite and it was ready to be lubed and put back. Because this movement was so dirty……

….I gave it a scrub in brake and clutch cleaner and let it dry before going in the ultrasonic tank as I didn’t want to ruin my cleaning fluid. The back plate didnt go in as it is painted with a gold paint and I wanted to keep this original finish so it was just hand polished with a little car colour restorer (T-cut).

First I cleaned off all of the rust using different grades of wet & dry paper, buff sticks and a glass scratch brush. I would normally save polishing until last but I ran all the brass through the polisher as I wanted to see what I was doing and be able to inspect everything properly.
Pivots were burnished, faces of the pallets were stoned to get rid of wear grooves. Barrel arbor pivots polished. The pinions were still not clean so they were polished using Autosol metal polish and pegwood.
Wheels were put back between the plates to check for pivot wear now I could see them properly. Both escape wheel and 3rd wheel needed both sides doing and 1 on the centre arbor.

Run through the cleaner again and re-assembled.

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