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chris mabbott
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@Arutha wrote:

Hi Chris,
how is the balance wheel supported so you can see if the vibration is correct?

Paul, on this antique model, the balance sits on its pivot directly on the glass and is supported by the lead of the hairspring. Unlike the Cadillac of vibrators which you can see here…. Luthy which is a lot newer than mine, and has its own little jeweled balance and its own movement
This one of mine does do a decent job but it takes practice, like anything.

@willofiam wrote:

Just had a thought on this tool, Chris, if you had a kinked hairspring handy, see if running it through holding portion will straighten it out. I once made a 3 point roller setup to slightly curve guitar frets before installing them (the fret board has a slight radius) made it much easier to install the frets. so my thought is this idea may aid in straightening out a kinked or bent hairspring (to a point) William

I never thought about that William, good idea, next bent HS i’ll give it a shot. I should have tried it on the one in the above photo, which had a bent spring, it was just my practice piece ;)

OK guys, post your favorite, most unusual, or best tool/invention/jig etc

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