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bernie weishapl
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Chris don’t know if a timer is necessary or not. IMHO I think it is a valuable troubleshooting piece to have. I have this one and love it. It can do clocks and watches. There are so many things this thing can do. With the software I can analyze on my computer and spot a lot of problems that otherwise would be harder to determine. I do this as a business and am somewhat of a perfectionist. So to me yes it is important. Is it a absolute necessity? I think that is up to each person to determine. I worked for many years without one which took a lot of time sometimes. When it is a business time is money. I got a Timetrax at first but still was limited at times. I got the microset some 10 yrs ago and could not imagine doing without it. Most of my clocks are within a minute or two a week which is perfectly acceptable to me. My Seth Thomas #18 Jewelers Regulator I think right now is + or – about 10 seconds a month. That is what I use to check the repaired clocks with on their weekly test run after being repaired. The gentleman that brought that clock to Nebraska was a watch repairman for the railroad. His granddaughter told me he used that clock to time the watches he repaired.