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Chris I think your spending way to much time in the salty air. Is funny though that the people I service clocks for are so worried about their clocks keeping perfect time, when they are usually the ones who are never on time to pick them up 😆 I do my best to get these old clocks to keep as good of time as possible, but when you are dealing with 100+ year old time pieces there only going to get so close. Then after spending all that time working towards perfection, I check back with the customer only to here him say, he only wound it once and had to stop it, because the chime interrupted his tv progam. Most of my customers just want to here grandpa’s old clock work, so they can bring up memories of they’re childhood. I have a few that collect clocks, and will actually wind them weekly. I wind mine every Sun. before church. I think I just like to see the look on our visitor’s faces when they all start chiming 😆 It is funny though that, when you live with them you rarely ever here them chime :) Mahlon

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