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chris mabbott
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A CMPJ I like it 😆

David that’s the best method that you’ve chosen, I’ve had quite a few of those “what the hell am I trying to do fixing watches when I don’t have tools or any idea what I’m doing” Moments 😆 It can be very discouraging, if you let it, which you haven’t, good for you.

In fact… 4 years later, I’m just working on one of those that I put aside, fast I ain’t, but looking at that watch now, and what I did then.. I can see the progress. The same will happen to you in a while if you keep at it, you’ll think JEWEL, easy, in fact, you’ll purposely go hunting for watches with all the jewels busted out of them, just for fun, and that my friend, is a wonderful feeling 😆

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