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Great responses from great minds :D If driving off into the sunset has no benefit other than opening the mind and finally having the time to connect & collate all of the information we have collected over the course of our journey, then that is a great bonus. Like I said the other day…Really, apart from the physical aspect, who wants to go through youth again when there is a lot more to life than having an overabundance of energy, although that does help đŸ˜†

@willofiam wrote:

As societies timekeeping has become more accurate, have we become more complex. Not that I know too much but during the industrial age timekeeping became essential in the factories for productivity, the simple farmstead that relied upon sunrise and sunset has now gone to the wayside. William

William, what a good question, but I don’t feel that it’s complexity, controlled possibly, time is a form of control and it was used for this purpose since its inception.
Which begs the question… Why was timekeeping invented & perfected in the first place, who actually benefits from knowing how long this or that takes? Are our lives any richer due to knowing what time it is? What would happen to society if time keeping ceased?

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