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bernie weishapl
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Ya know Chris I thought about this very subject driving home from the hospital. Don’t ask me why but it just popped up. Here is my take on it. I grew up back in the day way before cellphones, clock radio’s, wifi, etc. I have both the clocks my grandpa and grandma had. Both black mantles. They both passed away in 1960 and 1961 at 92 and 94 yrs old. What used to amaze me and was my observation was that when someone asked for the time you never heard it is like 1:18 or 8:23, etc. It was always oh it is “about” 1:30 or about 8:30. Never once did I every hear back then anyone ever give the exact time but as my granddad used to say time is just time. I don’t think they ever worried about the exact minute or exact second. I know today and it may have just been my upbringing that someone asks me the time I always find myself saying oh it is about a quarter till or about a half past. I very seldom these days except to set a clock I repair ever look at my cellphone for time. When I retired I put my wrist watch on the dresser and there it sits today. Haven’t wore it since the day I walked out of work for the last time. Battery was dead so took it out about 3 yrs ago. 😆 😆 I have both my granddads pocket watches and my dads. Both granddads had what they called a Sunday go to meeting watch and a work watch. All 5 of them are being displayed and I wind them maybe a couple of times a year. I also have my dollar watches I was given as a kid that have been cleaned and oiled on display. I never wear any of them. 😆

Another thing the old mentor that I apprenticed under (he was about 80 at the time) said if you can get a old antique clock within 2 to 5 minutes week of the correct time you have did your job. He said if you want to spend a whole lot of time trying to get them spot on you are just wasting your time.

Good thread Chris and some food for thought.