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Guess I will jump in here and say I have been using Mobil One Synthetic 5w motor oil to oil all clocks. Been using it now for 15 or so years and have never had a come back because of oil. On mainsprings I also have been using a 70/30 blend of Slick 50 and Mobile One. 70% Slick 50 and 30% Mobile one. As for WD 40 the only thing I will use it for is to soften old hard grease/oil. I just cringe when a clock comes in and she says oh my husband sprayed it wd40 and it worked for a yr or so. It turns green and to goo as Paul said. IMHO it seems to collect more dust and dirt which just can ruin pivots quickly. Then it is soak to get most of that stuff off before it hits my cleaner.

On that note we had a gentleman who lived about 95 miles from me. Got to know him pretty well and was a pretty good repairman. He told me he used 3 in 1 sewing machine oil on all the clocks he repaired. Said he had been using it for 30 yrs. He passed away a year ago. Well I have seen a couple of the clocks he repaired and oiled with 3 in 1. Both came in because of a broken mainspring both were Seth Thomas. I was surprised at how nice and shiney the pivots looked and there was no wear or bushings needed. I guess I had thought 3 in 1 would probably dry up since it is pretty thing. Both told me he had repaired them about 12 to 14 yrs ago.

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