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chris mabbott

    Sounds like an interesting brew Paul, but yes, gear oil good, it’s EP and I always figure mainsprings are about as EP as you can get on clock/watch movements. It’s a good idea, thanks for sharing…
    Have you tested the grease mixture over time to see how it stood up, like after 3 years, pulled apart the movement and it was still good?
    I’m not sure what an extreme oil test would be on a clock, but I imagine the same as a watch, how did the oils you mention fare in the runny test? I’m just curious because it is really nice to know that you can use something that works and lasts and stays in its place and is NOT one of the recommended written in stone lubes ..

    I actually wouldn’t mind starting a data base here on the forum that we could use as a reference, maybe pin it to the top of the board for future use?? Maybe along with a cleaning fluid pinned section? What do you think Paul?

    Mahlon – That’s incredible 😯 WD40 has “almost” no lubricating properties, apart from being wet 😆 and as Paul mentioned, after being exposed to the atmosphere for a while it turns into blancmange, but if it worked for your clock, then it worked.
    WD actually stands for Water Displacement (sorry if I’m stating the obvious) and the 40 was the fortieth attempt to make…..something, I don’t even know if the inventor knew what he was hoping for, maybe it was an accidental discovery.

    Whereas I don’t hate WD40- I do think that it has become a fix all and is randomly sprayed on everything, even electronics OUCH, if you spray it on an open flame it will go POOF, not a good match for electrical equip.. 😆 But for rust busting and general cleaning, it’s ok and convenient.