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Hello to all, just an update on my project. I am just about there with all of the stripping. In between other task, I haven’t been spending much time on it. :( am glad It has not become a corner piece just gathering dust and holding hats. Bernie your movement is still put away. Seeing how I only have the one room to work out of, I don’t want dust and debris to cause a movement problem hence I have it secured where nothing can get to it except me and then theirs the extra needed items to make completion on the clock and movement. I have stop buying off eBay just to save for what I need to complete my project. Slow to no-go, but still moving on with it.

Lately I’ve been trying to start a website with Vista print and have had business cards made-up. But being a slow learner with this, the computer world and frustration, needless to say, I’m catching heck with it. Betwixt the three, I’ve been pulling out my hair and I’m bald. :D On this, I am looking for suggestions, constructive criticism and tips. Check into it and lend a hand. My web site address is as follows; ([email protected].) I’m desperately trying to set it up for selling, buying and trading, I have to offload some of these clocks and watches in order to continue on with it. This site has to pay for itself and I have to make a small profit and have the ability to continue on with this for my investments. LITTLE HELP HERE, little help here needed. Thanks to you all and even though I am not on the form as I use to be, I will keep-up as much as I can. In advance, thank you all. Ed.

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