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Slow go, but getting there. I have sanded the entire front and backside of the door and the entire backside of the clock itself. I have made up my mind to hand sand the entire clock with reservations of the top. The top I may use stripper. I just am not really happy with the job it has done on the back and door. I still have to go along and do quite a bit of sanding behind it. I like to be in control of the level of final inspection. :) It may be a little more work, but it satisfies me. I think I would like to put something on the wood, (such as a base coat of sorts.) :mrgreen: I would like to do this to kind of even-out the stain and get a more even color throughout. Then I want to apply a sealer walnut stain and then a shellac/varnish for shine. I would also like to put a mirror on the backside of the inside of the clock. Along with a few more settle additives to it, originality was gone out the door when I received it, now all upgrades. :)

My wife is coming along well now and will soon be back at work :D Which will free me up and give me more time for my projects along with more income to complete more of my goals. :) She along with you all send our thanks for all the support from the form. :) Well from here I’ll post a couple of pics as an update. Thank you all and am always open to suggestions as I know I will always have more questions. 8-)

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