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Hello to all and hope your Easter was wonderful and safe, seemingly, since my wife has encountered recently new medical conditions, My drive is still their, but consistent double duty is slowly taking it’s toll on me. Therefor my grandmother clock project has almost come to dead slow. “Example”, Consistent plane, jet and chopper jumps with full combat gear into jungle’s/desserts/extremely cold regions/mountains/water, etc, along with mewling 75+ pounds of gear over 15 to 25 mile grinds/”HUMPS”, need I say more? Being a young and foolish paratrooper with boo coo and extreme mental and physical power then, has no avail on being todays older disabled and now, worn down civilian. Running now on her needs and “leave no man behind”! I maintain. But with little extras. 8-) Be mindful now, this is in no way a distress call, just an update. :) So Bernie and all of the rest of you hard chargers, don’t by any means. “Count this trooper out”! Remember, Dead slow is still driving-on, just more from the GRUNT and the GUT. 8-) So with that being said; Let’s all drive-on and forget not, where you come from and your extreme ability’s. !!!!!AIRBORNE!!!!!

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