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Hey will; the other movement is in really bad shape and not working at all. The case looks really rough that’s why I decided to do the door and entire case over again. I already am set-up to do this from start to finish. No it didn’t chime, no chime block, the clock was butchered from delivery. But since I’m changing out the entire movement, chime set-up, face, pendulum and more I figured why not go all the way? I’m going to add a Westminster chime set-up to it also. As of right now, I figured all I have is a lot of head scratching to do with set-up’s and completion. :? 8-) But I worry not, that’s why you guy’s are here. 💡 💡 💡 :D 8-)

Hey Bernie; moving dead slow on the grandmother project. Fine with it for right now, got a couple of paying jobs I’m currently working on :| . As soon as I get straight with these movements, I’ll have more funds to invest in my endeavor 8-) . will post all I do and ask more questions as I move on with it. Thanks again, Ed.

Happy B Day Arutha.

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