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bernie weishapl

    Ok Ed will try to answer some of your questions and will ask one of you. How wide is the clock case about mid-range from the top? I have a couple of 451-050 movements that will definitely need cleaning and maybe a bush or two but otherwise are in pretty decent shape. The weights are time 4.7 lbs, strike 4.7 lbs and chime is 6.6 lbs. Those that I have had stick pendulums on them. If using a lyre pendulum you would have to have a 6.6 lb weight on the time side. The movements I have are either 85 cm or 94 cm pendulum lengths. The hands I know are for a 8″ dial and they run $6. I think a dial would be $63 and the pendulum with a 4″ bob is around $30. A lyre pendulum will run you about 2 to 2 1/2 times the cost of the stick pendulum. You may find them cheaper on the bay but don’t know. I haven’t checked lately. If I remember rightly the dial attaches to the front of the movement. All you would need then is a seat board for the movement to sit and be fastened to. Chime block assembly with 8 rods for the 451 is around $40. You will probably have to build a wood spacer that will bolt to the back of the case to make it come within the chime hammers of the movement. Hope this answers a lot of your questions. If not ask away.