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    Thanks “Gentlemen” and I mean that literally. She is coming along really well, really she is 100% if you ask me but I want her to rest-up for a few more days. So far no stress from me and I wont allow no one else to drill her. I can see she would love to have a glass of sherry, but nope. She brought one of those dadgum electric cigarettes to take the edge off while she attempts to stop smoking. Also she is sneaking candy with her sugar. (Lifesavers.) 😡 She’s got to tighten-up and get her head out of her duffel bag. I’m almost going to hate to be like she was another paratrooper jumping in my stick, you know. MAKE’EM HARD BUT DON’T BREAK’EM ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ I can be extremely mean and nasty without remorse and she knows this. She will be ok I wont treat her as a trainee or cherry. She’s my Boo.

    OK, Mahlon; I hadn’t thought about the top being the thinnest of the case and now that I know that I will use stripper, yes I was going to do some grinding with the old sander. 😳 I haven’t done anything in that area yet, still waiting to see who has good tips here on the form. I really want to do it right.

    Chris; I know your all in and even though you are a watch man, you still have something up there to contribute. This I know. I’ll soon ask the right question and you’ll respond as if you were on “Who want’s to be a millionaire?” :D

    Bernie; I would like to put a chain drive movement in it, now be mindful, this is my 1st and anything I put in it I would need to know the details, i.e. weight size and actual weight of each, info on matching face hands and installation hardware and I would like to use a Lyre pendulum for 75cm movements it’s about 271/4″ long. About the pendulum, will the length effect the swing meaning, at the bottom of the clock will the pendulum swing have to swing wider than the case will allow or should I just go with a shorter stick with brass bob? Anyway Bernie as you can see, I have questions. Also If by chance you have a movement available I would be more than happy to pay postage and handling since you mentioned you would throw in the movement ahh and of course with some info on some of the questions asked. :) Bernie, let me know how we can get this started, precheat cha, Ed.